"The Garland School is all I wanted
  for my children." - 

With help from many of you
The Garland School is happily in its 6th year  and we are now at our new location  at the '100 acre-wood' of the Austine Campus in Brattleboro. The School is named after my mother, Nancy Garland Keep, who in 1972 founded and directed a pioneering daycare for 30 years which served over 70 high-risk children daily guided by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, raising gardens and farm animals, serving nutritious homemade meals, and providing outdoor education. 

​At The Garland School, ​​we are a Nursery-Kindergarten program-serving children 12 months to 6-years-old. Our program is also inspired by Waldorf education and follows the natural rhythms of the day and the arc of the seasons with extended outdoor play and exploration.

​This year we enjoyed  the forth summer of our garden, which  supports the summer program with children gardening, growing, harvesting and eating fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Last fall we started a parent-infant program for new parents and we continue to support parenting, families and community by creating space for gatherings, parent evenings, and celebrations of the seasonal festivals.

​Your donations go directly towards financial assistance to families with need, teacher training, and classroom materials.
​​​​​Please consider donating to help sustain our school  as a nurturing place to support children’s innate capacity to love, work, and play.

We warmly welcome your interest, visits, and questions,
​Stephanie Keep, Cofounder and Volunteer Administrator​